tribal art

Are you looking for tribal art? Historically, cultures worldwide have expressed their beliefs and traditions through their art and the functional wares of their society. Although we may not realize it, people have been decorating their places of living since time began. Often dwelling places reflect the artistic and natural resources of a particular region. People surround themselves with functional items that may also define heritage or beliefs. Quite frequently people borrow from other cultures to decorate their homes.

After graduating from UCLA in 1971, Michael Bernstein hitch-hiked across the U.S. and took off to South America on a cargo flight from Miami. He discovered a continent frozen in time. One could investigate primitive and historic cultures as they existed for thousands of years. Thus started Michael's lifelong career of collecting and offering hand made crafts, artifacts, and colonial antiques from around the world. Come visit us in sunny Tucson or contact us for photos from our inventory of thousands of objects from around the world.

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